2012 Starting The Year - Bonnie Fishburn

Ready to go in 2012

All horses are fit and keen to go now. I didn’t get to as many pre event competitions as I’d planned to with Frankie, but we did have a 1st and 2nd in a show jumping competition at Allenshill, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He has now done his first event which was at Somerford Park, where he did the Open Novice. He was very chilled which is a relief because you never know how they are going to behave at the first event of the season. We had 32.5 dressage, followed by an unlucky fence down show jumping and a superb clear cross country with just 2.4 time penalties. He felt so bold and professional, I had a super ride. We finished just out of the top 10, unfortunately my fence down cost me 5 places. We had intended to go to Gatcombe for the Intermediate next but were unfortunately balloted so will have to wait for Weston Park in April.

Florence went to a Showjumping show at Allenshill in February, where she was a dream ride and had 2 double clears picking up a 2nd and 3rd, she feels so grown up now. We went cross country schooling in March before her first event and she was like a little rocket and loved every minute. Her first event was Stafford and once again she put on a super show for 31 dressage, clear Showjumping and clear cross country inside the time for 9th place. Great start to her season.

Percy has been a busy little bee and been to various places to practise his show jumping and cross country. He is picking everything up very well and genuinely seems to enjoy all his work. He was very brave when I took him to Lincombe Farm cross country schooling, he jumped ditches, skinnies, steps and went through lots of water without much persuading which is very encouraging. He did a combined training competition at Allenshill where he had a 63% dressage and clear Showjumping. He felt quite green and very nosey with his surroundings, but that is typical of a baby on their first outing, so that doesn’t worry me and I’m really looking forward to taking him to lots more baby competitions and hopefully aim for an event in May.

Fran has been as busy as Percy, if not busier. She has lots of energy so I try and keep her busy with lots of varied work. She is a very sweet little mare but does need to learn to trust me a bit more than she does at the moment because she can question me sometimes when I ask her to do something new. But the more we do the better she gets. She is proving to be very bold showjumping and on her first ever outing cross country schooling I was pleasantly surprised as she took to it much easier then I had expected. I thought we may have a bit of a battle at the ditches and water but actually with a lead she went straight in and was more than happy to do it on her own also. At a combined training show at Allenshill she was very well behaved for 62% dressage and just a baby run out in the show jumping. Overall I’m pleased with her progress. She will be aimed at lots of baby shows like Percy.