2013 Spring/Summer - Bonnie Fishburn

The last three months have been rather hectic, which is typical in the middle of the event season but also I have been helping my partner and his dad build my arena, which is so exciting as I’ve never had an arena to use before, I’ve always had to make do with a lumpy field!!!! 

It feels like I’ve been out competing nearly every day, so I have got lots to tell you about, here goes…..

In April, I went to British Eventing jump Training Championships. The day got off to not such a great start. I didn't ride Percy particularly well in the BE90 and we only got a 31 style mark and also picked up 4 faults. Our second round was loads better. He was just very green jumping indoors and I rode him too much like a baby. Florence however jumped a cracking couple of rounds. But we had a very unlucky 4 faults. For her style mark we got an amazing 13, which was actually the best style mark of the class so gutted to roll a pole and cost ourselves first place. We ended up 4th. The highlight of the day was certainly winning the team event, with my two and Ella Heron on her lovely little pony in the BE80. We got some fantastic prizes. Each of us got a lovely Baileys sponsored Thermatex rug and in total I came away with £100 Baileys feed vouchers. £80 BE Training Vouchers, a BS Ticket to Ride and two Blyth Tait XC lessons!!!!

Frankie did the TCN** at Kelsall Hill. He had an ok dressage with 52.5 (fei scoring system) then jumped a fabulous clear SJ. But on the XC we had equipment malfunction, my air jacket clip that clips on to the saddle managed to clip itself on to the strap that does my air jacket up round me and I only realised what had happened when I tried to lean back at the drop into water, it was like I couldn't sit up, bit of a scary moment so I ended up circling to undo myself before jumping out of the water. So cross!!! Also had a really silly stop at the bull finch but only because I wasn't focused. Frankie jumped all the technical fences really well. I'm so disappointed because he has never had cross country jumping penalties at Intermediate level, I was so keen to jump clear so I could get a qualification for a CCI**. We were qualified last year but with all the rules changing we need a TCN** or CIC** clear XC before we can do a CCI**. That's the highs and lows of eventing for you.

Frankie at Catton Park Intermediate
By Tim Wilkinson