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Winter 2012/2013 - Bonnie Fishburn

Since the summer, the horses have been having a long holiday in the field which was much deserved for all of them. I did manage to get one last event in before the end of the season and yet other one was cancelled due to the wet weather!

I took Florence and Fran to Calmsden for our last event of the season. Florence did the BE100, doing a good dressage test which i was very happy with, and getting a score of 43.5. 
Then she went on to get an unlucky 4 faults Showjumping but i was pleased as she was perfect. Fran did the BE90 and was pretty wild in the warm up, I ended up standing up in my stirrups and cantering her round for ten minutes to settle her. Then she chilled out and got her best ever score at a BE event of 37.5. Unfortunately she then had 3 down Showjumping, typical after a good dressage score. But she did redeem herself with a good clear in the time cross country. 

There have been some big changes since the end of the season. The biggest being that I have moved yards from South Shropshire to the North Shropshire / South Cheshire borders. I have been very lucky to have a brand new indoor block of 8 stables built for me. It is such luxury after being on a yard where I had to walk through 20 calves to get to my stables, where I had no running water or electric. The horses all seem very happy in their new home and love the big field that they have the run of.

Another change is that Fran’s owner has decided to move her on and start again with another horse. Fran was just proving to be quite difficult and not really taking to the eventing. So she has been traded in for a 4 year old, coming 5. He isn’t broke yet but is going off to be broke at the beginning of 2013. I haven’t met him yet but I have seen him in a field and he looks very nice so that is an exciting project for 2013, all being well. 

All we need now is for the rain to move on and the ground dry up ready for next season and 4 more horses to fill my beautiful stables!!!